Report: Tony Khan Not Granting Any AEW Releases

Report: Tony Khan Not Granting Any AEW Releases AEW

Bad news for anyone looking to be released by AEW, because the latest report is that no-one is going to be granted their release.

Malakai Black recently issued a statement confirming he had requested his release from AEW, although he’s since followed up and denied that the release has been granted, saying he’ll be returning to AEW soon.

Black would join a list of several other unnamed AEW stars who have also reportedly requested their releases.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said no-one is going to be released at this moment in time.

He said:

“Nobody’s getting released. That’s the doctrine. Tony Khan made that very clear I guess in the last couple of days. So now it’s just, (Malakai Black’s) not being released, Buddy Matthews isn’t being released. Now they may be back sooner than before.

“It’s not to say it’s hard and fast, and there’d be no way they’d ever give anybody a release. But I think it’s pretty much the deal that if this happened in the other company, would those people get releases, and the answer is no.

“They signed the contract, so basically now, their option is to sit at home – and (Khan) can extend the contract if they sit at home – or wrestle. So now they’re gonna wrestle.”

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So, if you’re hoping to see your favourite AEW stars in WWE any time soon, you may have to wait just a while longer.

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