Tony Khan Shares Photo With Famous WWE Superfan

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Tony Khan Shares Photo With Famous WWE Superfan AEW

Vladimir the WWE Superfan is one of the most famous and beloved wrestling fans in history.

Vladimir had attended many WWE events during the 1990’s, with WWE even producing a documentary on his life, which has yet to be released.

However, Vladimir isn’t just a WWE superfan it seems, as AEW president Tony Khan took to Twitter to share a photo and his experience of meeting up with Vlad.

He said:

At age 8, on the first ppv I ever watched live, I saw a fan who seemed to be having such a great time at the live event.

At age 12, I joined the IWC, and learned that his name is Vlad, + he’s a very nice guy.

It was an honor to meet him in person. Thank you Vlad, you’re the man!

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