Here’s Who Pitched AEW Full Gear Finish

Here’s Who Pitched AEW Full Gear Finish AEW

AEW Full Gear saw a huge title change to close out the show as MJF defeated Jon Moxley to become the new AEW World Champion.

MJF’s win was not exactly clean and involved a shocking turn as William Regal handed his brass knuckles to MJF to seal the deal against Regal’s own Blackpool Combat Club member, Moxley.

It has now been revealed who was behind the jaw-dropping finish.

As per Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer, the man behind the idea was AEW President, Tony Khan.

Meltzer notes:

“The main event finish with William Regal handing MJF Brass Knux was Tony Khan’s idea and you can look back at the last several weeks of the build-up and see the signs leading to it.

“It appears from the press conference that MJF and Regal will be a heel champion pairing not unlike Kenny Omega and Don Callis.”

Apparently, the finisher wasn’t the only one on the table. Meltzer explained:

“There was another finish brought up by several of the most influential wrestlers.

“We don’t know what it was although I presume MJF winning was not the question and it was just a different way to get there. It was an alternative way of getting there.

“Khan was strong on his finish that the direction this goes.”

And what a finish it was. In the weeks building up to Full Gear, MJF and William Regal have faced off in a number of captivating promos.

Regal urged MJF to prove his mettle as a fighter and not resort to using his Dynamite Diamond ring, even stopping him during the Full Gear match from using it.

This would prove to be little more than a distraction from the upcoming turn, as Regal slipped his brass knuckles to the Devil, proving you can never trust a villain.

Regal did not stick around for MJF’s celebration.

Jon Moxley was oblivious to the betrayal until Blackpool Combat Club members, Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli, filled him in when the show went off the air.

MJF made headlines again with his appearance at the Full Gear media scrum. You can read what the Salt of the Earth had to say right here.

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