Tony Khan Says ‘Everybody’ In AEW Wants Match With Anthony Bowens

Tony Khan Says ‘Everybody’ In AEW Wants Match With Anthony Bowens AEW

Tony Khan opened up to Swerve Strickland on his SwerveCity Podcast about a variety of topics including paying high praise to several stars.

Tony Khan recently appeared on Swerve Strickland’s podcast, SwerveCity Podcast where he talked about a variety of topics including Tony admitting he misread the fan perception of Sammy & Tay’s relationship and when he would be bringing a ‘major’ show to the Pacific Northwest but also gave a great compliment to Anthony Bowens.

Speaking about different talents, Khan mentioned what a sensation the Acclaimed had become, noting:

“Max did not do the rap. I saw Max doing the rap on Twitter and he didn’t do it as an entrance, but it was clearly what he should be doing as the entrance every time. It was awesome. Max has got such a great thing.

“Anthony is one of the most improved wrestlers in the world. He’s out with a knee injury. They were on fire. Everybody wanted to lock up with him and see if it was true.”

Tony Khan went on to mention Bowens’ match with Bryan Danielson, which he had spoken about in the past, with Bowens saying to PinkNews  back in February, saying:

“I don’t know if I’m supposed to go into the insider stuff, but Bryan personally requested that match with me, which made me even more confident. And I stepped up and hit it out of the ballpark. It unlocked this side of me where I’m so confident out there now. I thought, ‘If this guy believes in me just like Tony does, I can literally do anything.’”

Before being injured, Bowens had a solid win/loss record of 9-5 in AEW during 2022. To see all of the win/loss records for the AEW men’s roster, click here.

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