Tony Khan Spoke To WWE Management After Infamous Promo

2 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Tony Khan Spoke To WWE Management After Infamous Promo AEW

Tony Khan has opened up about a conversation he had with a high-ranking member of WWE management following a memorable AEW promo.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Khan was asked about a promo that was posted on AEW social media channels on May 28 2021, in which Khan took shots at WWE’s reported talks with NJPW.

Khan concluded the promo by saying:

“I think there is room for only room for one Khan in the wrestling business. It’s me, Tony Khan, not some con man from Connecticut.”

This was of course a reference to Nick Khan, who was WWE’s President at the time, and is now the company’s co-CEO.

In the interview, Khan explained the context of the promo, and his mindset going in to it:

“Now think about that. Let’s add the context to that. When did I do that, and why did I do that? If I may, why did I do that? Well, I read online and every wrestling news site at the same time reported that New Japan was going to start working with WWE.

“I had active plans with New Japan. I had literally just reunited Roppongi Vice on Dark: Elevation, and then I had plans for Yuji Nagata to come in and challenge for the IWGP US Championship, and Mox, one of my biggest stars, is their US Champion. So there’s some intersections, and we’re starting to, the ice is thawed.”

He continued that the promo offered an opportunity to get some publicity for AEW:

“I said, well, it’s getting a lot of press, and today’s Wednesday, so I’m thinking I should probably do a promo to get some buzz because also Dynamite had been, that night there was a time shift.

“It was during the playoffs, so it was on at a different time, so I was looking for something anyway to get a little bit of buzz. So we did that before we went live, and it definitely got people talking because it’s been a year and a half, and you’re talking about it. But it was also true.”

Khan said that he has since spoken to Nick Khan about the incident. When pressed for more information, Tony Khan said:

“I don’t wanna get into it, if I may. I haven’t met him, but I have talked to him. I did tell him, that’s what it was.”

Quotes courtesy of Fightful.


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