Tony Khan Throws Shade On Vince McMahon & WWE Creative

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Tony Khan Throws Shade On Vince McMahon & WWE Creative AEW/WWE

Tony Khan has shared his thoughts on how wrestling creative should work, throwing shade on WWE and Vince McMahon.

It has been well documented that the WWE Chairman will willingly tear up a WWE TV script on the day of a show and make writers start over.

Speaking with Forbes, AEW President Tony Khan shed more light on the company’s creative system, confirming that he has the final say on everything, and puts the format of shows together.

Questioning why anyone would rip up a script for their TV show on Monday, Khan said:

“I have a lot of great, creative minds that are in the company that I have full-time access to like Chris Jericho, Christian Cage, Jon Moxley has great ideas. Now, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, and Adam Cole have come in with great ideas.

“We have a lot of awesome things happening right now and I’m proud of that and I try to keep it all organized and balanced. I’ve found that it’s helped me a lot, writing the shows myself. I don’t understand the idea of having a lot of different people write the show and then a person would go in the day of and rip it to pieces and try to come up with new ideas.

“To be honest, when I hear about somebody going in and they have a TV show on Monday that they rip up, my first thought is, ‘What were you doing all weekend?’ I work my ass off on the weekends. I have to come in with a plan for Wednesday and Friday night. I want to make sure Dynamite and Rampage is great.

“I don’t do everything myself, but I do make the final decision on everything. I put the format together, I put an outline on what the show is going to be for Dynamite and Rampage and write it by hand. I don’t understand why you’re going to come in and rip up a show that you should have a pretty good idea of what it is and you should have approved it where Monday, you know what we’re doing.

“Things change on the day of a show, not that I ever change my mind on the day of, I do, but not where I change everything. I might change one or two things around on instinct or because something happened, but for the most part, I like to have a good idea of what’s going to be on the show next week and the week after.

“I really believe that the fans like that we try our best not to insult their intelligence and I do try to make the shows compelling and logical. That’s one of the challenges because a lot of times, people come to you with ideas and it’s hard because everyone has their own approaches and philosophies, but there is a tone to the show.

“I really just want people to go out and make points and keep the stories going but I’m not so autocratic that I want to control every word somebody says on television and that’s also why some of our interviews, storytelling, and promos are really strong.”

If Stephanie McMahon’s recent statement about the current WWE product is anything to go by, I don’t think anyone in the company will lose sleep over Khan’s words.

AEW is currently building towards Double or Nothing, which takes place on May 29, and the ‘Forbidden Door’ NJPW crossover event slated for June 26.

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Transcription via Fightful

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