‘A Lot’ Of AEW Talent Questioning Tony Khan’s Booking

‘A Lot’ Of AEW Talent Questioning Tony Khan’s Booking AEW

‘A lot’ of AEW talent is said to be questioning Tony Khan’s booking after a recent story with William Regal.

It has been hotly speculated this week that William Regal is returning to WWE.

Regal was attacked during Dynamite by MJF with the brass knuckles Regal had previously loaned him at Full Gear.

William Regal was stretchered out, abruptly ending any hopes of a long-running alliance between MJF and Regal.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that a ‘lot of talent’ in AEW have questioned this booking decision made by Tony Khan.

It understandably seems odd that Regal was put front and centre of a story involving the AEW World Championship title change only for him to be written off of TV a couple of weeks later.

Meltzer wrote:

“But all that is fine, but I can’t understand putting so much heel steam to the point of being the point man in stealing the title on Regal, when it was known by the key people by this point he was gone in a few weeks.

“I mean, story or not, the guy was leaving.

“A lot of talent has questioned that in the same way now that everyone knows he’s leaving.”

It was recently revealed that William Regal’s AEW contract was actually up this December.

Previously it was believed that Regal was tied in for three years, which initially made a WWE return seem unlikely.

William Regal’s next moves have by no means been confirmed, but it has been described “all signs” pointing to WWE, as per PWInsider.

Earlier, scrapped spots for William Regal’s exit were revealed. You can read more about this right here. 

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2 years ago by Laura Cude


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