Top AEW Name To Miss This Week’s Rampage

2 weeks ago by Connel Rumsey

Top AEW Name To Miss This Week’s Rampage AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is a part of the commentary team for AEW Rampage, but he will apparently not be in the booth for this week’s episode of the show.

AEW recently returned from their latest group of shows in California, and JR spoke on his Grilling JR podcast about how he is ‘enjoying the time off’ following that trip, and won’t be appearing on this week’s Rampage.

He said:

“Living here in Florida, part-time, anyway, Florida to California is a haul. People can say what they want but that’s a long-a** trip.

“With my ankle as it is, the more I fly the more painful it gets because like any other human, your feet swell, your hands swell, it’s just normal flying s**t. But when you got a bad ankle and you’re trying to get this wound to close and not open, it’s challenging. 

“We don’t have anymore of those bad trips. I did not make [Winnipeg] so therefore I won’t be on Rampage this Friday night.”

“I’m enjoying this week off, so to speak, I’ve got a lot of things to do. You know the stuff you do in your real life doesn’t stop. Big time TV personality my a**. I still gotta get a haircut today, I still have to go to the pharmacy.”

transcription via F4WOnline

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