Top AEW Star Credits Cody Rhodes For Creating Their Nickname

Top AEW Star Credits Cody Rhodes For Creating Their Nickname WWE

Saraya made her AEW debut back at the AEW Grand Slam event last September after spending the previous decade as a part of WWE.

Saraya saw many names come and go during her time in WWE, including future AEW EVP Cody Rhodes, who made his return to WWE at WrestleMania 38 last year, 5 months prior to Saraya’s AEW debut.

The two passed like ships in the night, but spent two years together on the WWE main roster prior to Cody’s initial release.

Saraya spoke on the Superstar Crossover podcast, where she spoke about her relationship with Cody, saying that she misses working with him, crediting him for coming up with one of her nicknames.

She said:

“I haven’t seen Cody in years because when I came to AEW, he wasn’t there anymore. I love Cody. I love Brandi. I love the whole family, but yeah, Cody was such a sweetheart.

“He actually is the one that came up with the term ‘Glampire’ that I use all the time. We were at we were doing Tribute to the Troops and he was dressed like Stardust or whatever. But anyway, there was this girl that was kind of looking at me like shit, but she kind of looked like me, right? She was like Gothic or whatever. He was like, Yeah, she kind of looks like you, but you’re like a more glamorous version. Kind of like a Glampire or something. I’m like, ‘I love that. I love that so much.’ I don’t think he would even remember that, but you know, I took it, stole it, loved it. He’s an angel. Hopefully, I get to see him again soon. He’s awesome.”

transcription via Fightful

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