Top Dolla Responds To Jinder Mahal Controversy

Top Dolla Responds To Jinder Mahal Controversy

Recently released WWE star AJ Francis (Top Dolla of Hit Row) has responded to the recent controversy involving him and Jinder Mahal.

Before the members of Hit Row were released by WWE, there had been a match set up between them and Jinder Mahal & Shanky, after the two Indian fellows decided to do a rap on SmackDown.

Top Dolla followed up on social media by posting his own rap, but fans decided it was offensive and he ended up having to delete it.

On Busted Open Radio, Top Dolla has now spoken about the situation, saying:

“People want to bring up the fact about the song that I released for Jinder and Shanky on Twitter that people got mad about, but Jinder Mahal himself not only loved the song, but said, and I have the proof of it, but said that I said nothing wrong in the song. This is Jinder saying this.

“The whole point of it was the fact that we were in a feud together and we were trying to get more juice in the feud. Me and Jinder are cool. That was the whole point of it. When people are like, ‘The beat you used was insensitive’ – the beat I used is call Beware by Punjabi MC, which is the most famous Indian sample in the history of Indian hip-hop – and when I picked the beat, Jinder Mahal was sitting right next to me in the locker room when we formulated the plan to do this.

“For people to be upset with me and think that’s a reason why we got fired is ridiculous because even Jinder himself went and talked to them and said, ‘It’s not like that. We planned this out together’.”

Top Dolla also revealed a recent incident that took place involving WWE producers during rehearsals, which you can read about at this link.

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