Top NXT Star Suffered Suspected Broken Arm In WarGames Match

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Top NXT Star Suffered Suspected Broken Arm In WarGames Match

Once again, this year’s NXT TakeOver: WarGames offered up two of the most unique (if a bit too long) matches of the year, with both the men’s and women’s rosters putting on a crazy WarGames match.

If you don’t want to know the results of the matches, I would stop reading now, as I’m about to tell you.

While her team may have walked away with the win, it wasn’t all good news for Candice LeRae, who is believed to have suffered a broken arm during the match.

On the post-show media call, Triple H confirmed that Candice had indeed been injured, and that she was undergoing scans on what they believe is likely a broken arm.

“Candice is getting checked out now. Getting checked out and getting an x-ray so I don’t have status update yet on that, but you are correct. It looks like possibly a broken arm. We’re not sure yet, but we’ll see where that goes.”

He also confirmed that Bobby Fish had suffered an elbow injury, but it was a flesh wound rather than a muscle or bone injury.

“Bobby Fish got a little bit of laceration on his elbow, but we’re not exactly sure. But it’s just the elbow, so we’re kind of just waiting and seeing, but other than that, just bumps and bruises. I hold my breath on this kinds of shows every single time. If that is the extent of it, then we did well.”

Oney Lorcan also suffered cuts to his face, but it isn’t thought he will miss any future shows as a result.

We will keep you updated regarding Candice’s injury as further information becomes available.

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