Top WWE Star Proposes Next International Premium Live Event

4 weeks ago by Connel Rumsey

Top WWE Star Proposes Next International Premium Live Event WWE

WWE has expanded it’s list of big international premium live events in the past year, with this weekend’s Backlash event in Puerto Rico set to be the next.

WWE has held major events in Cardiff, Saudi Arabia and Montreal over the past year, with Money In The Bank in London and Night of Champions in Jeddah coming up soon, as well as potential discussions for a stadium show in Australia.

WWE recently wrapped up their European tour, with the final stop being in Paris, France this past weekend, where the crowd has received a lot of praise online.

Specifically the crowd’s reaction to Baron Corbin drew a lot of praise, with him being showered in ‘top guy’ reactions from the French audience.

WWE producer Shane Helms reacted to the tour, where he said that the Paris crowd should now be in the discussion for the best ever wrestling crowds.

He said:

I’ve been blessed to be around this biz for 35 yrs now and this past week’s UK Tour with @WWE was one of the best tours I’ve ever been a part of. I’m so proud of this roster & crew. They were all fantastic!

And Paris, France is now in the convo for best wrestling crowds ever.

This prompted a response from Bayley, who simply said:

PLE or TV in Paris please

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