Top WWE Star Believes Logan Paul ‘Doesn’t Want To Be A Wrestler, He Wants To Be Famous’

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Top WWE Star Believes Logan Paul ‘Doesn’t Want To Be A Wrestler, He Wants To Be Famous’ WWE

A top WWE star believes Logan Paul doesn’t want to be a wrestler, but he wants to be famous.

At WWE Royal Rumble, Logan Paul made his return to WWE at #29 since suffering an injury at Crown Jewel last November.

Besides a memorable spot with Ricochet, the most notable moment during the bout for Paul was his elimination of Seth Rollins.

On his Instagram feed, Rollins discussed the social media star and admitted that a lot of stars don’t like Logan Paul. He said:

“A lot of us don’t like Logan Paul. I don’t like Logan Paul. I don’t really need him in my locker room, in my space.”

While Rollins put over Paul as being “ultra-talented”, he did take offense to Logan bragging about throwing out Seth from the Men’s Royal Rumble match. Rollins added:

“I just advise him to stay in his lane…at the end of the day, he’s not a wrestler, he doesn’t wanna be a wrestler. He just wants to be famous. He doesn’t care about the industry. He’s not a wrestler.”

“I think it’s best for him to stay in his lane, whatever his lane is. I don’t know, like buying counterfeit Pokemon cards. If that’s your lane, stay in that lane.”

Logan Paul was eliminated from the Men’s Rumble by the eventual winner Cody Rhodes.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins has advanced to the United States Championship Elimination Chamber match at the titular event on February 18.

It’s likely that Rollins’ comments are just part of the feud between he and Paul that started at Royal Rumble and looks to be leading to a match between them at WrestleMania.

Transcription via Wrestling News

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