Top WWE Star Comments On Adam Pearce ‘Firing’ Bobby Lashley On Raw

Top WWE Star Comments On Adam Pearce ‘Firing’ Bobby Lashley On Raw WWE

A top WWE star has commented on Adam Pearce “firing” Bobby Lashley on Monday’s Raw.

On the December 12 edition of WWE Raw, Seth Rollins defeated Bobby Lashley to become the #1 contender for the United States Championship.

After the referee was delayed on counting his pinfall, Lashley became physical with the official and later shoved Adam Pearce, leading to Pearce firing him afterwards.

As previously reported, Pearce reversed his decision and announced that he will have a meeting with Lashley later this week in a video on social media the following day.

Appearing on the December 14 episode of WWE’s The Bump, Rollins was asked if he thinks Adam Pearce made the right decision on Raw. He answered:

“Well, luckily this isn’t my sandbox. I don’t have to make that decision. I will say this — I don’t know who’s got the temper problem.”

“I don’t know whether it’s Pearce or Lashley. Both of them seem to be a bit of a hothead here. Pearce dropping some very unsavory language on Monday night, goodness gracious.”

“But I get it, you know, you get pie-faced by a man, you’re in the heat of the moment, things happen. I feel this is very similar to Bobby.”

Rollins continued on to note how he is very interested what will happen next between Pearce and Lashley, saying:

“So I’ll be very curious to see, honestly, how they hash these things out and what comes of it. You can’t crack an official in the head, you can’t pie-face Adam Pearce. You can’t do those things.”

“You gotta be a professional. I mean, professional, I am the king of professionalism. I go by the book all the time, so I understand these things. I would never do anything to put myself in a situation like that.”

Seth concluded by noting that Triple H may have to step in to make a decision in regards to Bobby Lashley and Adam Pearce. He stated:

“I’m very curious to see how the two of them kind of handle this business, or if maybe somebody else needs to step in.”

“I don’t know, if ‘Papa H’ needs to come down and lay the hammer down, the sledgehammer, so to speak, who knows? We’ll see.”

Seth Rollins will now move on to face Austin Theory for the United States Championship. It hasn’t been announced when the title bout will take place.

Stay up to date with Seth Rollins’ win-loss record in 2022 (for televised matches) at this link.

Transcription via Fightful

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