Top WWE Star Calls Vince McMahon ‘Tone Deaf & Embarrassing’ After SmackDown Appearance

10 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Top WWE Star Calls Vince McMahon ‘Tone Deaf & Embarrassing’ After SmackDown Appearance WWE

Vince McMahon lived up to his promise, he did in fact appear on tonight’s (July 17) episode of WWE SmackDown, and it was very bizarre.

Vince came to the ring to open the show, said that WWE is ‘then, now and forever’ and ‘welcome to SmackDown!’ before leaving the ring, and it’s been met with a lot of reaction.

Fightful Select (subscription required) has already heard from several current and former WWE talent in regards to the promo. A top WWE talent immediately contacted Fightful, saying it was ‘tone deaf and embarrassing,’ and believed it was McMahon’s way of putting himself on screen as a power move to lessen the impact of the investigation’s findings.

A former top WWE star who left the company said that ‘I’m happy it didn’t last long, so I didn’t have to sit through whatever bullshit he was going to say. But it shows that he has no accountability, especially when something is directly his fault.’

Finally, a person who had worked with McMahon said they were ‘enraged’ by the appearance. The person sourced was backstage at the show, and said that they were ‘incredulous’ watching it unfold.

One person suggested that the segment did not happen as originally planned this morning, and that Vince McMahon was said to have been in a good mood backstage, and not outwardly reacting to the investigation. ‘Business as usual’ was a term constantly reiterated backstage, with few knowing what Vince was going to say.

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