Trent’s Mom Brought Cookies To AEW Dynamite

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

Trent’s Mom Brought Cookies To AEW Dynamite

It has been a few months since we saw Trent’s Mom Sue make her AEW Dynamite debut. She drove the Best Friends to the ring in her minivan, reminiscent of FTR driving in their pickup truck. It was a fun moment that Santana and Ortiz would later ruin by wrecking the car.

Regardless, she was a fun addition to the show. Now, it appears those in the company would likely agree. Stella, AEW’s head beauty design artist, revealed today that she brought homemade cookie for the AEW Dynamite crew this week.

That’s one way to get over with the crew, Trent. While one would imagine the cookies were delightful, MJF was not impressed.

However, because it’s MJF, we will take his comments with a grain of salt. May we all be lucky enough to work somewhere where you can be blessed with sweets from kind colleagues.

Trent and Chuck Taylor will be taking on Santana and Ortiz in a Parking Lot Brawl next week on Dynamite. Maybe this will be the time when they can get revenge for the destruction of Sue’s minivan.

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