Triple H Makes Another Presentation Change To NXT

5 months ago by Liam Winnard

Triple H Makes Another Presentation Change To NXT WWE

It seems that Paul Levesque (Triple H) is continuing to steer NXT in a slightly different direction than his WWE management predecessors.

Just over a year ago, we saw the birth of NXT 2.0, as WWE scrapped the developmental brand’s black & gold heavy metal theming and changed to bright colors and hip hop music in an attempt to attract a younger base audience.

Last month, we experienced the first step in the direction back to Triple H’s vision when he ditched the colorful logo and debuted a new ‘white and gold’ version, with arena lighting and branding to match.

And now, on last night’s October 25 episode, it seems he made another yet another alteration.

The program theme music playing in the background of some backstage segments, match card rundowns, etc, has been changed from hip hop music back to rock music like it was back in the ‘black and gold’ days.

It seems the internal philosphy on the brand is changing a bit too – now finding more of a balance between trained wrestlers, as well as athletes that are brand new to wrestling.

It could be argued Triple H’s original NXT went too far in the direction of indie wrestlers rather than sticking to a ‘developmental’ show, but then 2.0 countered that by going too far in the opposite direction and featuring almost exclusively talent that’s new to wrestling.

We’ll continue to see how things progress, but Triple H, Shawn Michaels and co definitely appear to be looking for that sweet spot between the two extremes.

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