Triple H Changed Planned Winner Mid-Match

Triple H Changed Planned Winner Mid-Match WWE

“How can wrestling be interesting when the winner is pre-determined?” asked all the morons who don’t like wrestling because it’s fake, unlike their favourite shows like Game of Thrones, which is a documentary.

Yes, the winner is pre-determined, but sometimes even the pre-determined winner isn’t the actual winner, and this idea was discussed on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

The idea of changing a match result mid-match was brought up in relation to Swerve in our Glory vs. The Acclaimed at the recent AEW All Out PPV, as The Acclaimed were so clearly the favourite team.

Dave Meltzer explained that match finishes can change, mostly due to mid-match injuries, but he did recall one match when the match finish changed mid-match just because Triple H wanted to change it.

During the 2017 Mae Young Classic, Marti Belle took on Rachael Ellering, and Belle was supposed to win the match before Triple H stepped in.

Dave said:

“It’s happened due to injuries a couple of times, and then I remember once, Paul Levesque (Triple H)… there was a women’s tournament, and it was Marti Belle and Rachael Ellering – Rachael Ellering was gonna lose, and in the middle of the match he just switched it. He didn’t like Marti Belle and how she was working.”

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So take that, non-wrestling fans. Even pre-determined matches aren’t pre-determined.

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1 year ago by Andy Datson


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