Triple H Says It’s ‘Great’ Having Vince McMahon Back

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Triple H Says It’s ‘Great’ Having Vince McMahon Back WWE

Vince McMahon recently returned to Titan Towers for the first time since his ‘retirement’ from WWE back in July.

This comes less than a month after McMahon forced himself, Michelle Wilson and George Barrios onto the Board of Directors, removing three members of the board, and leading to another two members to resign.

While McMahon is currently the executive chairman and at work at Titan Towers, he has yet to appear backstage at Raw, SmackDown or the Royal Rumble, and Triple H remains as the company’s Chief Content Officer.

Triple H spoke on the WWE earnings call today, where he spoke about McMahon being back in the company.

He said:

“I also want to add having Vince around has been great… Having him back and involved even at just the board level comes with his incredible insight.”

The call also saw WWE CEO Nick Khan tout an impressive record set by Raw and SmackDown in 2022.

You can read WWE’s entire earnings report for 2022 at this link.

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