Triple H Gives Verdict On Jacob Fatu Following WWE Debut

Triple H Gives Verdict On Jacob Fatu Following WWE Debut WWE

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has given his verdict on Jacob Fatu following his debut on the June 21 edition of SmackDown.

Since it was first reported that former MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu had signed with WWE ahead of WrestleMania 40, fans have been eagerly awaiting the first sighting of the Samoan Werewolf on WWE TV.

That patience was rewarded at the very end of the June 21 episode of SmackDown as Fatu made the save for Solo Sikoa, attacking Kevin Owens, Randy Orton and Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes – the latter of which he put through a table.

Now that fans have gotten their first taste of Fatu in WWE, what does the company’s head of creative think?

Well, fans got their answer on The Pat McAfee Show, where Triple H mentioned Fatu whilst discussing the WWE return of Roman Reigns – calling Fatu a “game changer”:

“When you talk about (the) Tribal Chief you’re talking about Roman Reigns, no matter who lays claim to that now. You see The Bloodline carrying on, you see Solo putting himself out there as the Tribal Chief, you see Tama Tonga coming in, you see Tonga Loa coming in.

“You see those guys start to run wild, and then the game changer happens of Jacob Fatu comes in, The Samoan Werewolf. Dude, he’s a game changer. 

“You very clearly see that shift of ‘we’re running the show now’ this is the new Tribal Chief, this is the new Head of the Table and this is where its headed. That’s only going to last so long before there’s a return, I can imagine.

“Let’s hope that Heyman’s nerves can take it until he comes back. But it’s an exciting time, because that is ramping up incredibly big, now they’re starting to go directly after Cody Rhodes and the WWE Title, you can feel it ramping up.”

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It remains to be seen what plans WWE have in store for Fatu following his buzz-worthy debut, however, what we may now know is how The Bloodline will factor into SummerSlam.

A new report has revealed what WWE’s current plan is for the SummerSlam main event – click here for full details.

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