WWE Legends Respond To Suggestion Of Bringing Back The Divas Championship

WWE Legends Respond To Suggestion Of Bringing Back The Divas Championship WWE

Several legends of the WWE Women’s division have weighed in after one former star suggests bringing back the Divas Championship.

On a recent appearance on the Grapsody podcast, current IMPACT Wrestling star Maria Kanellis shared a hot take regarding the WWE Divas Championship.

Kanellis said:

“I think they should bring back the Butterfly belt. I do. I know people will disagree with me and that’s fine. That’s why wrestling is great because when you watch wrestling, you don’t see everybody looking exactly the same.”

“I still consider myself a diva because it gave me the first opportunity in my career. I think some of those segments were funny and cute. We should have a little bit of humor to it. There is a place for everyone,”

This drew general online ire from wrestling Twitter however then several other major players in the history of the WWE’s Women’s Division entered the chat.

Trish Stratus responding concisely, simply writing:


Mickie James adding:

“Personally. I prefer the OG Women’s Championship. Nothing is prettier. The women who held that championship were legends, Icons, History makers, Game changers. Ceiling breakers, todays road pavers. This one. Not so much.”

While Mickie seemed to be responding to the literal design of the belt, it is hard to know if Trish was referencing the title or the entire concept.

Maria Kanellis continues to appear in IMPACT Wrestling in addition to founding her own wrestling promotion, Women’s Wrestling Army.

Transcription via Fightful

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