Truth Behind Shock Shane McMahon World Cup Win Revealed

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Truth Behind Shock Shane McMahon World Cup Win Revealed

Details have emerged behind WWE’s mad-as-a-box-of-frogs decision to have Shane McMahon win the World Cup (TO DETERMINE THE BEST IN THE WORLD) at Crown Jewel.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the booking of the tournament has been set for several weeks and Shane McMahon winning was always the plan from the start.

The idea behind the win is for Shane to turn heel by becoming increasingly arrogant as the weeks go by because he starts believing the hype that he is the best in the world. The reason the line “to determine the best in the world” has been hammered home so frequently on TV is specifically so that Shane can use it as part of his turn.

Falling back on an old trope

The reason behind the turn is typical WWE. Officials are worried about the falling SmackDown numbers in advance of the move to FOX next year. Realising that numbers hovering around the 2 million mark will not cut it once they move to their new home, WWE have fallen back on their number one go-to trope: a heel McMahon authority figure.

For over 20 years WWE have used McMahon family members as top card heels, from Mr. McMahon in the Attitude Era and beyond to untouchable Authority chief Stephanie McMahon in the PG Era.

Shane has been a heel before during the Attitude Era and while the head of the WCW/ECW Alliance in 2001 but not for some time. Since his return in 2016 he has always been considered the “good” McMahon.

Designed to irk

The way the angle was done at Crown Jewel was to intentionally make Shane look like a heel. That is why he won the tournament without having to qualify and after only wrestling for two minutes in total against someone who had already wrestled twice that night.

Shane’s declaration on SmackDown that if anyone from the brand lost in the final they would be fired and his cocky post-match celebrations after he won the tournament were also designed to irk viewers.

Inevitably this means that Shane is going to become a lot more active in the coming weeks and will almost certainly be wrestling at WrestleMania for the fourth year in a row.

Expect further developments on this storyline on SmackDown this coming Tuesday.

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