Tucker On Why Heavy Machinery Broke Up: ‘Who F**king Knows?’

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Tucker On Why Heavy Machinery Broke Up: ‘Who F**king Knows?’

Former WWE star Tucker (Knight) was among the names released by WWE yesterday, and has made a couple of comments on social media since.

The breakup of Heavy Machinery was bizarre. WWE lacked tag teams and Tucker & Otis were one of the most popular, yet the decision was made to split them.

Tucker turned on Otis and cost him his Money in the Bank briefcase, but instead of a feud or even a match between the two, they were simply drafted to different rosters.

When asked why this happened, Tucker gave the same response that pretty much everyone else has, replying: “Who f**king knows?”.

He also said it was out of his control and “pissed him off”.

Otis ended up turning heel and is now in a tag team with Chad Gable, whereas Tucker pretty much completely disappeared from TV until his release apart from a run-out in the Andre Battle Royal.

He seems to be taking it well though:

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