Roman Reigns vs. Tama Tonga – Twitter Wars

Roman Reigns vs. Tama Tonga – Twitter Wars

It all started with a video. A video that saw Tama Tonga insult the internet wrestling fan-base by referring to them as “f****** nerds,” after his match at last weekend’s G1 Climax. This caught the attention of the social media police and sent the self-proclaimed ‘Bad Boy’ straight to “Twitter Jail.” This blocked access to his account for 12 hours.

(Warning: Video contains STRONG LANGUAGE)

After his time was up, Tonga headed back to Twitter in search of the snitch who ratted him out. A search which lead him into a very unfamiliar yard:

But it wasn’t just Roman that received the fury of Tama Tonga’s Twitter rampage. Kenny Omega (who has previously had Twitter heat with Reigns, and currently dies so with Tama Tonga) also chimed in:

…and of course, Tonga came back with his rebuttal:

While Tonga and the Bullet Club feud continue to bubble over nicely, his Twitter beef with Reigns only seems to be getting started. At this weekend’s G1, he made reference to their Twitter disagreement by openly mocking Reigns’ signature fist pump while making his entrance.


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