Two Former WWE Stars Appear At AEW Full Gear

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

Two Former WWE Stars Appear At AEW Full Gear

You never quite know what to expect when wrestling invades the Hardy Compound. Such was the case during the Elite Deletion match as Matt Hardy took on Sammy Guevara at AEW Full Gear.

During the match, Hardy took Guevara towards the Lake of Reincarnation. Before either man could dispose of the other, Hurricane Helms appeared being choked by a hooded figure. In a move perhaps no one saw coming, the figure revealed himself to be Gangrel of WWF fame.

Helms and Gangrel had a long history with Matt Hardy. Helms grew up as friends of the Hardy brothers and wrestled them during their early years. This was the first time Helms appeared in an AEW segment. Gangrel, on the other hand, competed with and against Hardy as a member of The Brood.

Gangrel was quickly disposed of during the match but Helms was tossed into the Lake of Reincarnation by Guevara. He reemerged as Reporter Shane Helms asking Guevara a variety of questions before being sent back into the drink.

Matt Hardy ultimately was able to defeat Guevara by trapping him in the Dome of Deletion. Inside the dome, Hardy hit Guevara with a Twist of Fate, speared him through a table, and hit a conchairto for the win.

While it is still possible, it seems unlikely that Helms and Gangrel will be used on a consistent basis going forward.

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