Two Huge Championship Matches Set For Super ShowDown

3 years ago by Nate

Two Huge Championship Matches Set For Super ShowDown

Tonight [February 7, 2020] on WWE SmackDown, Goldberg challenged Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship at Saudi Arabia.

It was quite a jarring scene watching Bill Goldberg interact with Bray Wyatt. Wyatt interrupted Goldberg’s promo with a Firefly Fun House episode.

Goldberg simply said:

“The Fiend Bray Wyatt. You’re next.”

Goldberg’s all business and reality-based gimmick seems to counter to Bray Wyatt’s. It is really jarring to see the two in the same segment.

How will the two come across in the ring when the face-off? Only time will tell, but based on Goldberg’s Saudi track record, it could be terrible.

In other news, Carmella won the fatal four-way after defeating Naomi, Dana Brooke, and Alexa Bliss. Carmella stole the victory after Naomi hit the Rearview.

She’ll be facing Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship on the Saudi Show. This should be the second major women’s match in Saudi Arabia.

Maybe one day, they’ll actually get to see two capable women wrestlers in the ring.  The Super Showdown line-up is definitely looking to be a better show for Raw.

Really, it’s no surprise. Raw has been consistently better the last few weeks.


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