Tyler Bate Addresses NXT & Main Roster Speculation

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Tyler Bate Addresses NXT & Main Roster Speculation

Former NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate has addressed speculation that he’s preparing to move to the US to join the NXT brand or the main roster.

Tyler Bate is one of the best known names on NXT UK. According to the inaugural United Kingdom Championship Tournament winner, he has thought about travelling across the pond to compete stateside.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes, Bate explained that he just wants to enjoy wrestling and do it his way. Stating that he can achieve both of these goals in NXT UK, Bate noted that he’s in no rush to join NXT or the WWE main roster.

Discussing his relationship with UK wrestling, Bate said:

“It’s been something that’s been floating around in my mind, is like if and when might I want to go to the States but for me, my goals in wrestling are very simple, and it’s just to enjoy it and to do it my way, really. And I get both of those things in NXT UK.

“So I’m in no rush to go to NXT or go to main roster or anything. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve peaked, there is no progression to the States, I’m already winning. So for me, it’s just if and when I go to the States, it’s if I feel that my work in NXT UK is finished, but I feel like there’s still a lot of fun to be had here which is what keeps me here.

“I love the crew as well. The NXT UK crew is the UK indie guys that I came up in wrestling with. I have deep relationships with some of the people on the roster, so that’s something that I really appreciate about NXT UK.”

Bate is not unfamiliar with competing for the US brand of NXT. The UK-based star has wrestled at numerous NXT TakeOver events, and had a brief run as NXT Tag Team Champion in 2018.

Last week, Tyler Bate defeated A-Kid in a British Rounds match to win the NXT UK Heritage Cup. Bate is the second-ever holder of the prestigious accolade.

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