Former UFC Champion Wants To Fight Brock Lesnar

4 weeks ago by Sanchez Taylor

Former UFC Champion Wants To Fight Brock Lesnar WWE

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has teased a fight with WWE’s Brock Lesnar, following The Beast’s previous MMA run.

While Jones and Lesnar were both fighting for the UFC at the same time, the two stars never faced off inside the Octagon.

Jones has now moved up to the heavyweight division, and is slated to battle Ciryl Gane for the vacant UFC Heavyweight Championship at Saturday’s (March 4) UFC 285 event.

In an interview with Sporting News Fights, Jones noted that he would’ve loved to have faced Brock Lesnar inside the Octagon.

Noting that he’d still be interested in a bout against The Beast, Jones said:

“I think fighting Brock Lesnar would have been really cool. You know, Brock isn’t the most technical fighter, but he has a massive fanbase, he’s a lot bigger than me, and it would have been one of those cool David and Goliath situations.

“It would have been cool for cross-sport promoting and I think we both would have done great things for our families and for our team.

“You know, financially, that would have been massive. Never say never. Brock, if you’re out there….”

Lesnar is slated to compete at WrestleMania 39 in April, against Omos. Ahead of this match, there have been rumors circulating that Lesnar is finishing up with WWE.

Brock Lesnar most recently wrestled at Elimination Chamber, getting himself disqualified against Bobby Lashley with a low blow.

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