UK Wrestler Convicted & Sentenced For Assault During Match

UK Wrestler Convicted & Sentenced For Assault During Match

UK wrestler James Riley was recently convicted and sentenced to prison time for an assault during a wrestling match.

Riley, 33, was sentenced to 21 months in prison on March 29 for an assault against Rob Wilson.

The incident took place on February 8, 2020 at the Scout Hut in Ferndown, Dorset, England.

Riley and Wilson were training partners and later had to have a match against each other on a show due to another wrestler no-showing at the last minute.

They went over the match beforehand, but didn’t have much time to prepare.

During the match, there was a point that Wilson, 32, was on his knees, when Riley kicked him hard in the face.

Despite Wilson bleeding heavily, Riley told him to continue the match.

Wilson said he was dazed and was on “autopilot” for the rest of the match, and he had to receive surgery for facial bone fractures.

Fans had recorded the match on their phones and police pressed charges upon seeing it.

Riley was also given a restraining order and can have no contact with Wilson for 10 years.

Police said what happened went far beyond the parameters of what should happen within pro-wrestling.

Dave Meltzer wrote that this may be the first time he’s ever heard of such a situation, and that says something as to how unique this is.

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