Various Big Names Stiffed On Pay At Independent Show

Various Big Names Stiffed On Pay At Independent Show WWE

Several well-known wrestlers were short changed at a New Evolution Pro show, when the promoter could not pay them what they were owed.

The event, which took place today (November 13), saw several talent – including Ultimo Dragon, Josh Alexander, Katsuhiko Nakajima, Naomichi Marufuji, and Alberto Del Rio – be told that the promoter of the event had no money and that they would not be paid for their services.

According to Fightful Select, talent were able to find the promoter, who claimed to have a medical emergency and left to go to the hospital.

Upon leaving, the promoter left behind all the money they had made from signings for the wrestlers to spilt between themselves.

In all, the event was approximately $14,000 short of paying the wrestlers what they were owed.

According to the report, Josh Alexander had to physically chase down and count the money to ensure that the audience were able to see Ultimo Dragon and the NOAH talent.

The talent eventually agreed to a six-man tag, which included Josh Alexander, Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio against Ultimo Dragon, Nakajima and Marufuji.

Alberto Del Rio later cut a promo in which he claimed that nobody was being paid for their appearance, which was not entirely true; however, talent did not receive the promised amounts.

Some of the talent signed free autographs for audience members.

The report also states that the NOAH talent specifically did not get paid, and that the company will likely have to chase down the missing payments.

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