Uncertainty Regarding Vince McMahon & Bruce Prichard NXT Role

10 months ago by Liam Winnard

Uncertainty Regarding Vince McMahon & Bruce Prichard NXT Role

There is uncertainty regarding the role Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard will play in the future of WWE’s NXT brand going forward.

It was reported yesterday that McMahon and Prichard would be producing NXT from its relaunch, but what remains to be seen is the extent to which that is the case.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that Triple H has definitely lost power, and Vince McMahon & co will at least be overseeing “big picture stuff” from September 14.

However, Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez both said nothing is certain yet, and even people in NXT don’t really know what’s happening. They said:

Meltzer: “This is basically what I heard. The story that Vince and Bruce will be executive producers, I was told is not the case. But then again, I don’t even know who knows what right now because everything’s in transition. Most of the people in NXT don’t know anything.

“But I was told that they (McMahon and Prichard) will… like the ‘big picture’ stuff, they’re taking over. The new logo was from, I had heard Kevin Dunn, but it’s from that side. The major stuff, yeah, it’s gonna be them, but they’re not gonna be like producing every segment of the show, I don’t think. That may be wrong.”

Alvarez: “It’s very clear that no-one is exactly sure what’s going to happen because there were people that said Vince was going to be ‘hands-on’, whatever that means. I think that probably what’s gonna happen is, there’s just gonna be a lot of rumors until the day it happens, and then once it happens, everyone’s gonna find out exactly what it all means.”

Meltzer: “Paul Levesque certainly has lost power, there’s no doubt about that, and they’re (McMahon and Prichard are) gonna be in charge of the ‘big picture’ stuff. How detail-oriented they will be, that remains to be seen.”

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In the two days after TakeOver 36 last month, NXT taped three episodes of TV, the last of which will air next week. After that, from September 14, the show will be back to being live, with its new look and supposed change in philosophy.

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