Wendy Choo & Tiffany Stratton Battle In Unique Main Event On NXT 2.0

Wendy Choo & Tiffany Stratton Battle In Unique Main Event On NXT 2.0 WWE

A very unique match was the main event for tonight’s (August 23) NXT 2.0 between Wendy Choo and Tiffany Stratton.

A lights out match for the ages saw hair spray, a pink chair and yes, even two bags of Lego introduced as weapons.

Before the match started, Wendy Choo unzipped her taco themed pajama playsuit to reveal a smaller pajama playsuit, signaling this version of Choo meant business!

In a hard hitting and very fun match, the ladies showed off a variety of impressive moves with Tiffany Stratton really highlighting her progress in the ring over the past several months.

Near the end of the match, Stratton attempted to use loose powder makeup per Vic Joseph as a weapon (possibly body glitter, the lights were out after all!) but it was reversed, obstructing her vision instead.

Wendy Choo was able to send Stratton through her child size bed to get her back in the ring, go up top for her finishing move and captured the pinfall victory.

Shout out to Wade Barrett for knowing that the plural of Lego is still Lego (not Legos!)

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage




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