Unused Jeff Hardy SVR 2010 Road to WrestleMania Story Outlines

Unused Jeff Hardy SVR 2010 Road to WrestleMania Story Outlines WWE

Former WWE Games writer Justin Leeper has shared numerous outines for a Jeff Hardy ‘Road to WrestleMania’ story mode in the SmackDown vs Raw 2010 video game.

Justin detailed the unused stories to his WordPress account today for the first time, with two different outlines being presented.

The stories also contain several unique match stipulations and unused gameplay mechanics, such as Jeff Hardy stage dives or the ‘King of Kings’ match.

Here is a breakdown of the ‘King of King’ match rules:

This is a multi-stage match. Players must get a scepter/key, and put it into a box at ringside. If it’s the correct scepter, a chair suspended above the stage will lower to an elevated platform. Then, the first person to sit in the chair wins.
There are four scepters – one suspended above each corner. They are non-breakable weapons. Competitors grab them the same way they’d grab the belt in a ladder match, but they come down much easier.
Once grabbed, a player must take the scepter to a box at ringside — preferably on hard-cam side — and insert it (just press A nearby). We cut to the stage in a real-time cutscene, where lights count down 3-2-1 and either the throne lowers or we get a red light and a buzzer signifying it’s not the right key. Players can move during this time, like when we show a bleeding superstar during a match.
If it’s the right scepter, the throne is lowered onto an elevated platform (approximately 2 meters tall) on the stage. This needs to be climbed like a cage, but is not as tall so it doesn’t take as long. The opponent can grab a leg and yang them off. First one to sit in the throne (simply press A) is the winner. We should have mocapped animations of winner in chair nodding regally while loser is frustrated.
Maybe players start in a cell, go for one scepter. Unlocks cell door. Both dash to get up to elevated throne.

You can read the full breakdown of the stories at this link.


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