Update On Backstage Reaction To AEW Banned Moves List

Update On Backstage Reaction To AEW Banned Moves List AEW

An update has emerged on the backstage reaction to the recent report about a list of banned moves in AEW.

On Thursday (July 13), Fightful Select reported that a document was sent out within AEW that outlined some of these changes that the company is planning to make.

The protocols were developed by the AEW medical team, coaches and referees in order to protect talent, staff, crew and fans.

The document noted that, while there is always risk in pro wrestling, they were hoping to minimize that risk without compromising the quality of the performances and creativity of the talent.

You can read the list verbatim from the document of moves that need to be approved at this link.

Fightful previously reported that multiple people within the company confirmed the document was legitimate.

Per a new update from Fightful Select (subscription required), several AEW talent told them that they didn’t know about the banned moves list until the report earlier in the week.

It’s worth reiterating that there’s a list of moves that require approval, while another group completely prohibited.

Specifically, a document was sent out that outright banned unprotected chair shots to the head, shots to the back of the head, buckle bombs and blind moves backwards into the turnbuckle, fencing responses, seizure sells, spitting, bleeding in the crowd, weapons or projectiles in the crowd, taking drinks or food from guests in the crowd, or physical contact with the crowd, as well as noting that nothing with blood on it should be thrown into the crowd.

For more details on the list of banned moves, and the list of spots that require approval, click here.

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