Update On Brandi Rhodes Wrestling Future

Update On Brandi Rhodes Wrestling Future AEW

Brandi Rhodes has provided an update on her wrestling future, following Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE earlier this year.

In February, AEW announced the departures of both Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes and Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes.

The American Nightmare joined WWE shortly after leaving AEW, making his in-ring return against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38 in April.

While Brandi Rhodes returned to the ring for an ‘in-house live event’ at the Performance Center in August, Brandi hasn’t wrestled an official match since January.

Speaking with Steve Fall on Ten Count, Brandi noted that she’s focusing on a number of projects away from the ring.

Discussing her future, Brandi said:

“I’m the one that’s very big in the family on not saying absolutes. As we know, my husband likes to say absolutes and then life happens.

“I’m not going to say absolutes, but I will say, right now, it’s not in my plan. I kind of did myself a good service in taking a beat. My number one priority when everything happened and we left AEW, my number one priority was making sure my husband’s dream was realized.

“It’s been a dream in the making for him since he was four years old. It’s a good thing that we pressed forward and got to see this through. I was always on the back burner and working on other things.

“I got Shot of Brandi in the ether, I started doing this podcast. I have other things cooking in the non-wrestling world.

“In that period of time, I got to spend a lot of time with my daughter, I got to watch her develop in these unexpected ways and find these different things that she is thriving at and liking.

“I want to be part of that. When I look at life in wrestling, there is the inevitable travel and it’s the choice you have to make that you travel with your child or not.

“If I were to travel with my child, I’m taking her away from some environments she’s used to. I won’t say ‘no,’ it’s not going to happen, but I will say right now, it’s not front of mind for me.”

Cody Rhodes is currently out of action, recovering from surgery to fix a torn pectoral muscle injury.

The popular star last wrestled in June, defeating Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match while injured.

For the latest update on Cody’s health, click here.

Transcription via Fightful

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