Update On Future Of WES Following Debut Show Cancellation

Update On Future Of WES Following Debut Show Cancellation WES

Former WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Akam and Rezar of Authors of Pain opened up their own wrestling promotion earlier this year, Wrestling Entertainment Series.

The show was set to hold it’s first event back in June, but the event was cancelled due to reported payment issues with the talent involved, including former WWE star Nia Jax (Lina Fanene) who accused the promotion of ‘falsely advertising’ her.

Mojo Rawley (Dean Muhtadi) took the cancellation of the show and turned it into a positive, holding a free meet and greet in the area with the fans who had bought tickets, and donating 100% of money from the event to the local UK independent wrestlers who lost payments due to the show’s cancellation.

Mojo recently spoke to Wrestling Inc, where he provided more insight on what the promotion had planned as a ‘travelling promotion’.

He said:

“I know where they were trying to go, we were thrilled with the opportunity that was at hand. They had some great financial backers, a great vision for the product — it actually went pretty hand in hand with a lot of the visions that Steve [Kaye] and I had for professional wrestling and the impact where we would have liked to have to have seen it go. We loved the fact that this was going to be a traveling show, one promotion that travelled the world internationally and hit some markets that are frequently travelled and exhausted by all the other wrestling promotions.”

With the debut show being cancelled, many have speculated about the future of the company. Mojo spoke about the future, noting that while they plan to do more shows, he doesn’t know where that currently stands.

He said:

“I’ve talked to those guys. They plan on doing more shows, or having a show I guess you could say. But finding a time to make this work, I don’t know where they stand with that currently. But it would be interesting. But man I can tell you the thought process behind it, and of course, I am only saying part of their plans. They had some cool surprises lined up too. It was a really cool concept.”

quote via Wrestling Inc.

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