Update On Lacey Evans WWE Absence

7 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Update On Lacey Evans WWE Absence WWE

The year 2022 has been a rather confusing one for Lacey Evans. Returning to WWE back in May after leaving on maternity leave back in February 2021.

The story of Lacey Evans’ year goes like this. Vignettes portraying her as a babyface began airing on SmackDown, hyping her return to the brand as a babyface.

Lacey was then internally moved to the Raw roster, and also moved to the heel side of the roster. She was then moved BACK to SmackDown internally, and listed as a heel.

Lacey then redebuted as a babyface for a few weeks, before turning heel at the expense of Aliyah, and we haven’t seen her on the show since Triple H took over creative.

Got all that? Good.

Lacey was originally set to face off with Aliyah in a match to end their short feud, but she was pulled from the match due to not being medically cleared, with Shotzi replacing her.

When a fan asked on Twitter what happened to Lacey in recent weeks, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful simply responded:

“Medically sidelined” was the phrase WWE gave me when I asked

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