Update On NXT Philosophy After Returning To ‘Black & Gold’

Update On NXT Philosophy After Returning To ‘Black & Gold’ WWE

It was at the end of the NXT 2.0 one-year anniversary show on September 13 when NXT fans were buzzing after the last 5 seconds of the show.

The show ended with a video package, narrated by Shawn Michaels, about the past, present and future of NXT, before the current NXT 2.0 logo morphed into a new logo, which was a hybrid of the current 2.0 logo and the old black and gold logo.

WWE implemented the new logo into last week’s episode of the show, but that show and tonight’s show will still feature the 2.0 branding, as they were both taped on September 14, meaning next week will likely be the first episode of the rebranded show.

With the rebranding, and this obviously being a Triple H vision, many have wondered just what the new show will look like, whether it will be similar to black and gold or 2.0.

Per Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the 2.0 branding is now officially over, but the philosophy for the new NXT will remain similar, with more focus on younger talent.

He said:

“No more 2.0, it’s just NXT again. They’re going back to the old colors. But the same philosophy in the sense of mostly younger guys coming in, and younger women coming in and everything.”

The main event of the first NXT premium live event of the new era is set to be announced on tonight’s show, the spoiler can be found here.

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