Ridge Holland Provides Update On Broken Nose

Ridge Holland Provides Update On Broken Nose

After suffering a broken nose during the kickoff match at WWE Day 1, Ridge Holland has provided an update on his injury status and shared an amusing anecdote about Sheamus’ reaction to his injury. 

Speaking to El Brunch de WWE, Ridge Holland provided the update that he would be unlikely to participate in the Royal Rumble but was overall on the mend, saying:

“I feel good. I took a bit of a knock thanks to Ricochet but the surgery was very good, the nose is fixed. I’m just waiting for it to heal fully now so, we’re good.”

Speaking about the response from his on-screen partner Sheamus, Holland shared:

“Well, it’s quite ironic that he broke his nose twice, and then, me looking up to Sheamus, I end up breaking mine. So, Sheamus was like, ‘I know you look up to me, but you didn’t have to break your face, you know?’ He’s giving me advice. Just rest up and then, once the noses healed, we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming.”

Ridge Holland was tagging with Shaemus at Day 1 when his nose was broken mid-match with Shaemus going on to complete the match alone and still manage to get the victory over Cesaro and Ricochet.

Transcription via Fightful

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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