Update On Samoa Joe WWE Suspension

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Update On Samoa Joe WWE Suspension

Following Andrade’s suspension last week, it was reported by reliable Twitter source WrestleVotes that more WWE stars had violated the Wellness Policy and would subsequently be suspended.

While WrestleVotes did not explicitly say that Samoa Joe was one of the wrestlers who would be imminently suspended, they are implied that the former NXT Champion had violated the Wellness Policy.

However, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp is reporting on Twitter that some “top staff within the company” are strongly denying that Samoa Joe is going to be suspended.

Sapp is not the only person to question the report. PWInsider‘s Mike Johnson is reporting that his sources within WWE have also denied that Samoa Joe is going to be suspended.

They do confirm that Joe was not at Raw last night, but this was due to a concussion that he seemingly picked up during a tag team match on last week’s show:

“In regard to a rumor that made the rounds to the point we were inundated with emails overnight, there is nothing to the story that WWE has suspended Samoa Joe.

“Joe was not at Raw last night in Salt Lake City, but we are told he was off this week as he was not yet cleared following what is believed to have been a concussion suffered several weeks ago.

“Numerous WWE sources have vociferously denied Joe is currently suspended.”

It is interesting to note that neither Sapp or Johnson have stated that WWE has denied more stars will be suspended for violating the Wellness Policy, just that Joe is one of them.

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