Update On When Foreign Stars May Return To NJPW

Update On When Foreign Stars May Return To NJPW

New Japan Pro Wrestling is set to return this Monday. They will be presenting their first show since February 26 before launching the New Japan Cup next week. Foreign stars like Juice Robinson and Will Ospreay are notably absent from the lineup.

Now, we have an idea of when foreign stars might be able to return to Japan. Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that he was told October is the soonest most stars will be able to return. However, those who have homes in Japan may be able to return sooner. Here is the quote:

“The belief is that it will be several months before they will be able to bring in foreigners. The target date we were told this week was October. Perhaps it could be sooner. Right now for a foreigner to get into the country it requires two weeks of quarantine when they arrive before they can work. The feeling is that the guys who do have places in Japan like Will Ospreay and Juice Robinson may be back sooner but they couldn’t bring people like that in because of the time constraints because once the decision was made, it was too late to bring them in for the tournament.”

The only foreign talents competing in the New Japan Cup are Zack Sabre Jr. and Gabriel Kidd. All others who were booked for the tournament originally have been replaced.

If you would like to see some of the first round matches you need to watch, you can click here.

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