Update On WWE SmackDown Moving To Fox

Update On WWE SmackDown Moving To Fox

Fox CEO Charlie Collier spoke to Gamespot recently about WWE’s impending move to the Network in October of this year and he dropped several interesting tidbits about the future of the program.

Collier confirmed that SmackDown would still air live after the move, noting that this was one of the things that helped make the show so appealing to Fox.

He also noted that the Network’s deal with WWE is for more than just SmackDown, saying: “The Fox Sports networks, FS1 and others will have some other wrestling – not live SmackDown, not Raw, but other ties to the WWE world.”

Although the nature of that content remains unknown at this point, speculation about what Fox might wish to air in addition to SmackDown is bound to run wild.

Could it be a return of Sunday Night Heat, with the SuperBowl halftime show serving as a teaser for its return? What about a return of Saturday Night’s Main Event? WWE was said to be interesting in airing live house shows using that name on the WWE Network but that could just as easily be on Fox.

Other options include NXT moving from the WWE Network to the Fox channels (or receiving an additional show to go alongside the main NXT TV show) or, more likely, a regular round-up show that discusses all of the events taking place in WWE, similar to what UFC had on the channel previously. Something like Talking Smack, perhaps.

That Friday feeling

In SmackDown to Fox related news, TVLine is reporting that Fox show Last Man Standing will be moved from its current Friday night slot on the Network, making way for SmackDown airing that night. Collier also commented on that and his choice of words was interesting: “Short-term, Friday night is going to WWE.”

Reading (perhaps way too much) into that, it seems that SmackDown’s move to Fox may only be a temporary measure at first and it staying on the channel could depend on the success – or lack thereof – of the ratings. Obviously the deal itself is signed and sealed but the actual channel SmackDown ultimately lands on over the five year period could be in question.


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