Update On Released WWE Stars Appearing On UpUpDownDown

11 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Update On Released WWE Stars Appearing On UpUpDownDown WWE

Xavier Woods (Austin Creed) officially announced that his YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown would be set to make it’s return from hiatus following a dispute regarding payment between WWE and Woods.

The channel will look a whole lot different going forward, as many of the previous names who appeared regularly on the channel having departed the company, most notably all three other member of Woods’ group ‘DaParty’ (Cesaro, Adam Cole and Tyler Breeze). Fightful confirms that, as of this month, Jessamyn Duke also wasn’t involved.

In an update from Fightful Select (subscription required), most, if not all of the names that formerly appeared on the channel before it’s hiatus are not expected back.

There were a few members of the cast who were brought back last go around to exclusively to do work on the channel, and Fightful notes that may be the case again, as WWE was fond of Tyler Breeze’s work with the channel. Breeze has not wrestled since his WWE release last year, and is said to be secure in post-wrestling life.

It is not known if Woods was able to get a new deal for the channel, and Fightful has heard of some limitations WWE wanted in regards to his G4 deal, and who could appear on screen with him, but details are few and far between and were said to be limited to other wrestling talent from competing companies.

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