Update On Rumor Of CM Punk ‘Pressuring’ Tony Khan

3 weeks ago by Liam Winnard

Update On Rumor Of CM Punk ‘Pressuring’ Tony Khan AEW

An update has emerged on a rumor that recently went around regarding the idea of CM Punk “pressuring” Tony Khan.

The rumor, which was never reported by any reliable outlet, claimed that Punk had “pressured” Khan into having Punk beat Adam Page to win the AEW World Championship at Double Or Nothing last year, and the original plan was a Page win.

In case you couldn’t work out yourself that that’s a nonsense suggestion, Dave Meltzer is on the case to put your doubts to bed.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer wrote:

“As far as rumor corrections, the story going around that Punk was originally going to lose to Adam Page at last year’s Double or Nothing but pressured Tony Khan to change the finish is not true. Punk was always winning that match.

“I had said before the match that I it was me, I’d have Page win the first meeting and Punk then win the title in Chicago, but Khan wanted the title on Punk months earlier and that wasn’t Punk’s doing or pressuring.”

Talk of Punk never really went away after the incident at All Out, but it’s definitely picked up recently as the timeframe for him to have recovered from his torn triceps is approaching.

It’s still unclear whether Tony Khan will bring CM Punk back to AEW TV, but for any further updates, click this link.

There were previously reports that the parties were in talks over a potential buyout of Punk’s contract, with things reportedly getting caught up on negotiations of a non-compete clause which would imply a move to WWE at least being possible, but things have gone quiet on that front.

Kenny Omega, who was involved in the incident at All Out, has provided some comments (although everyone is still restricted on what they can say), which you can read at this link.

Meltzer also wrote in the Observer: “There are those who wanted to be able to tell their side or at least have whatever the investigation ended up showing be released but none of that is going to happen”.

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