Update On Rumors Of Young Bucks Sending ‘Feelers’ To WWE

6 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Update On Rumors Of Young Bucks Sending ‘Feelers’ To WWE WWE

A new update has emerged on rumors that AEW EVPs the Young Bucks had sent ‘feelers’ to WWE.

Matt & Nick Jackson are currently suspended, following their alleged involvement the backstage fight after CM Punk’s verbal tirade in the post-All Out press conference.

It was then reported that the Young Bucks had reached out to a WWE talent to send ‘feelers’ to gauge WWE’s interest in them. Dave Meltzer later noted that the Young Bucks denied that this happened.

In the latest update, per Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Young Bucks did call a friend in WWE a few months ago, way before All Out, but stories about the call were ‘exaggerated’.

Meltzer wrote:

“Another story surfaced, although it is actually from a few months back, regarding a phone call made by The Young Bucks to a friend in WWE.

“The story was that they asked the wrestler who they’ve known for some time to speak to WWE management, which later got exaggerated into they were looking to talk about leaving and going to WWE.

“The phone call being made several weeks ago, before any of this controversy came out, was confirmed by all sides.

“Everyone in the conversation has also denied the stories about the conversation, noting consistently that nobody brought up contacting WWE management or anything like that.”

Several names who were suspended following the backstage altercation have had their suspensions lifted. The reason for these reinstatements has now been revealed.

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