Update On If Saraya Is Cleared To Wrestle In AEW

Update On If Saraya Is Cleared To Wrestle In AEW AEW

UPDATE – Saraya herself has now commented on this report, which you can read about at this link.

Sometimes AEW likes to tell us when something huge is going to happen on their shows. Other times, Saraya (formerly Paige) suddenly debuts during AEW Grand Slam.

While everyone was thrilled to see her back in a wrestling ring, it was quite obvious that she didn’t actually touch anyone that she chased off.

It has been five years since Saraya was forced to retire from in-ring competition, and fans immediately started questioning whether or not she would be cleared to wrestle in AEW.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Saraya was not cleared as of very recently, which would explain why she didn’t get physical during her debut.

Dave Meltzer wrote:

We were told that she had not been cleared as of very recently, which would explain not touching anyone, but would like to be cleared.

If she does manage to get cleared, she would join the likes of Bryan Danielson and Edge as someone who thought they would never wrestle again due to injury, but then their bodies said “actually, I was lying, I can wrestle again.”

Fingers crossed she does get clearance, as she would add so much star power to AEW’s women’s division and the company as a whole.

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1 year ago by Andy Datson


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