Update On Vickie Guerrero After Recent Controversy

Update On Vickie Guerrero After Recent Controversy AEW

There’s a new update on former WWE and AEW name Vickie Guerrero who’s been in the news recently after allegations from her daughter Sherilyn.

Sherilyn Guerrero recently alleged that her stepfather Kris Benson (Vickie’s husband) had sexually assaulted Sherilyn on a cruise in 2020, and that Vickie had chosen Kris over her and abandoned her.

On April 12, Vickie posted a statement on Instagram that was written on behalf of herself and Kris Benson “vehemently denying” the allegations.

Well, if you go back to Vickie’s Instagram, you won’t see that statement anymore, nor will you see anything that had been posted previously.

The account had all posts deleted from it, and has now been completely rebranded as a page for ‘Travel by Vickie’ – “Welcome to Travel by Vickie. I love traveling and look forward to creating a detailed itinerary for either business or personal trips”.

There are currently only three posts up – one being a poster for an all inclusive resort in Punta Cana saying “book now save 60%”, one being a certificate to show that Vickie completed the Evolution Travel Academy’s Travel 101 Course, and one being the ‘Travel by Vickie’ logo.

Soon after the allegations were made by Sherilyn, Vickie was removed from AEW’s official roster page on its website.

Her contract with the promotion was due to expire in July and she’d already said she wouldn’t be re-signing.

The April 12 statement that was posted in response to the allegations was as follows:

April 12, 2023

Kris and Vickie Benson Respond to Sherilyn Guerrero’s Recent Allegations

Kris and Vickie Benson vehemently deny Sherilyn Guerrero’s recent allegations of sexual assault and abandonment.

Ms. Guerrero’s unsubstantiated accusations have caused the Bensons to suffer public ridicule, scorn, derision, and humiliation.

Kris and Vickie fully appreciate the seriousness of allegations of this nature and the need for public support of sexual assault survivors; however, they ask that you withhold final judgment on this matter until they have an opportunity to bring Ms. Guerrero and her claims into a court of law where judgment is based on facts and merit.


Reese Campbell

Attorney for Kris and Vickie Benson

EaDo Law, PLLC

Houston, Texas (713) 424-6653

We will keep you informed with any further updates.

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