Val Venis Responds To Cody’s Comments

3 years ago by Nate

Val Venis Responds To Cody’s Comments

Earlier today, Cody Rhodes responded to comments by Val Venis regarding transgender wrestlers and AEW’s handling of Nyla Rose. Cody, ultimately, felt like the Tweets were just a publicity stunt get booked by AEW.

In general, he felt like the comments were disappointing and also felt like his and AEW’s viewpoints are pretty clear based on how they handle the presentation of Nyla Rose.

At some point, you just hope the comments end. However, sometimes, people just love to argue. Or, maybe some people just want to get back in the spotlight.  Whatever the reason, Val Venis has responded and it doesn’t appear this is the final word either.

Val Venis wanted us to know he’s got something to say. However, he’s got to get to work.

Val apparently works dispensing Marijuana to those that need it. Once he gets done giving people their meds, he plans to give a full response.

It will be interesting to see what the facts he plans on sharing are. If he does respond, then I hope Cody lets it go and this is the end of it.

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