Velveteen Dream August 20 Arrest Case Dropped

Velveteen Dream August 20 Arrest Case Dropped Mugshots Orlando

The case surrounding the August 20 arrest of Patrick Clark, formerly known as Velveteen Dream, has been dropped according to court records.

Clark was arrested on August 20 for charges of Trespassing on Property after a Warning, and First Degree Battery.

TMZ had released a report citing that police documents alleged Clark had bitten, punched and threatened to kill a gym employee at Club Orlando when the employee had asked him to leave.

New court records (via PWInsider) show that prosecutors didn’t believe they had enough evidence to go forward with a case and get a conviction, so the case has now been dropped, and a scheduled hearing on September 28 has been cancelled.

After being arrested on August 20, Clark was released from jail on August 22 after bond payments of $1,200 by current WWE star Tehuti Miles (Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis). According to PWInsider, the bond money was released back to Miles on September 9.

Of course as we’ve covered, the August 20 arrest was only Clark’s first of two arrests in August, as he was arrested again on August 26, because the August 20 arrest triggered a warrant as Clark was four months into a 12-month probation sentence after he’d previously been arrested in November 2021 and sentenced to the probation period in April 2022.

After the August 26 arrest, Clark was kept in incarceration until September 13, which the judge ruled was sufficient punishment and he was released.

After Clark was released, he addressed accusations that had been made against him by Michael Hutter (EC3), who had alleged that, several years ago, during a house party at Hutter’s home, Clark had set up his phone in the bathroom to video fellow NXT talents at the time using said bathroom without their consent.

You can find Clark’s response to the accusation, as well as Hutter’s follow-up statement, at this link.

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