Veteran Inks Multi-Year Contract With IMPACT Wrestling

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Veteran Inks Multi-Year Contract With IMPACT Wrestling IMPACT Wrestling

A veteran has inked a multi-year contract with IMPACT Wrestling.

John Skyler is a 15-year veteran of the squared circle and has worked for various promotions. In 2022, Skyler has seen his most exposure with appearances for IMPACT and NJPW STRONG.

Speaking with The Angle Podcast, Skyler revealed that he had signed a multi-year deal with IMPACT Wrestling. He stated:

“I’m excited to be back with IMPACT Wrestling. Right off the top of my head, it has to be the IMPACT talent roster.”

“There are so many people up and down the show and the roster that I haven’t gotten the chance to wrestle yet. That’s the thing that’s really appealing to me.”

Skyler continued on to note that his signing with the promotion felt like the culmination of his 15-year journey, saying:

“I signed with IMPACT to kind of break the perception of who John Skyler because I’ve been this 15-year journeyman that has traveled the world perfecting my craft.”

“But I wanted to start being taken a little bit more seriously as a threat, as a viable superstar, as somebody that people could see money in. That’s really why I chose IMPACT Wrestling was to kind of break the perception of who John Skyler is.”

The freshly signed IMPACT talent went on to note some of the wrestlers in the company that he would like to face. Skyler said:

“I think in order to do that, I think I need to wrestle people like Josh Alexander, Eddie Edwards, like Sabin and Shelley, and Chris Bey and so many others.”

“That’s what I’m really excited about, re-upping and re-signing with IMPACT Wrestling is hopefully having the opportunity, whether it be tag team wrestling or singles competition, to show the word exactly what I’m capable of within the confines of the squared circle.”

Skyler concluded by praising IMPACT for focusing on the wrestling and stating how he appreciates that, saying:

“The thing I really love about IMPACT is wrestling is very much the background for all these other stories.”

“Somewhere along the lines, some places have kind of lost sight of the fact that this is a wrestling program.”

“IMPACT, and I think you can credit the strong talent as well, is so wrestling driven. It’s still very much a wrestling driven show with a lot of great wrestlers.”

As previously reported, IMPACT Wrestling recently announced a new partnership with DAZN and released some details about the deal.

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